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Payment for Midwifery Services

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Should you decide to choose BirthLight Midwifery for your care, the total fee is $3500.00. Our services include nurturing attention and devoted care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period including, prenatal visits, labor and birth at your home, postpartum care, newborn exam and well-baby care, newborn metabolic screening, completion and submission of birth certificate documents, access to our lending library, nutrition counseling, herbal recommendations, breastfeeding support, and 24 hour per day accessibility.   

Down Payment Policy: Since midwives are limited in the number of clients they can safely serve, a down payment of $500 reserves your place in our care. The down payment is non-refundable.

                We require full payment for midwifery care by 37 weeks gestation.

Payment methods accepted:

Cashier’s check
Postal money order
Credit or debit card

    Additional Expenses: The total fee does not include lab work, physician’s services, hospital expenses, emergency transport service, medications, vitamins, herbal remedies, ultrasounds or other testing, use of water birth tub, the home birth kit, use of our birthing suite or any other expense not specifically included in the total fee.

    Discount Policy: If the client comes into midwifery care later in pregnancy and she has been receiving prenatal care from another care provider, the midwife may deduct $100 from the total fee for each prenatal visit with the other care provider. In order to receive this discount, the client must provide medical records from the other care provider that include proof of the prenatal visits. The $500 down payment is required for all clients, no matter when they enter care.

     Reimbursement Policy: If the client leaves the care of the midwife before 37 weeks gestation, the down payment will not be refunded, but money that has been prepaid for future prenatal visits, the birth, and postpartum visits will be refunded.

     When the client reaches 37 weeks gestation, according to her designated due date, the midwife is fully retained for her services. If any medical situations arise after that time that require care of the mother or newborn to be transferred to another care provider, no refund from the midwife will be made. Midwives cannot guarantee that circumstances will always allow for birth to occur at home or that physician or hospital care will not be required for the mother or newborn during or following the birth. The midwife will have performed her services regardless of any such medical emergencies. In the event of a transport, the fee will remain the same and no refund will be given. Also, in the event that the birth occurs before the midwife arrives at the birthplace, the fee will remain the same, and no refund will be given.

    Payment plans can be arranged.

    We are not Medicaid Providers.

    We do not file insurance claims, although we are happy to provide documentation so you can file with your insurance company.

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